My Heart Project is a space designed to document the presence of love and kindness from all over the world through photographs and stories.

How it All Began

Recognizing heart shapes in everyday objects began for me in the early years of 2000 or perhaps, it was always. In 2006, while living in Brooklyn, NY, I started pointing out these shapes to friends; from gum wrappers on the streets of Manhattan to stones on the beaches of Mallorca I was discovering that love is everywhere.  In 2007 a friend suggested I photograph these heart finds.  My Heart Project was born. 

On Valentines Day of 2010 My Heart Project celebrated the launch of it's website with a Heart Show at Roots Cafe . That same year My Heart Project hosted it's second showing in Philadelphia, PA.  Simultaneously my career as an editor at W magazine began to grow and my first child was born.  My Heart Project was put on hold so I could focus on my growing family and new responsibilities.  All the while, I continued to document the love that surrounds us in the every day.  In 2015, with the increasing popularity and ease of Instagram, My Heart Project was brought to back to life.  

The goal of My Heart Project is to support the notion that love breeds love, and goodness breeds goodness.  

Welcome, so glad you've joined us.  Stay awhile.

Spread love, give love, be love