The Art of Love Letters

My first Stop Drop and Love Letter's 

My first Stop Drop and Love Letter's 

I first Stopped Dropped and Love Lettered on a cool December evening in Manhattan. It was after a jazz concert at Lincoln Center and my girlfriends excitedly looked on as I discreetly placed a note on a table reading "Your Heart Matters" for one lucky individual to discover.  All of this joy and excitement had been made possible by Nicole Ahr creator of The Love Letter Library.  

The Love Letter Library is space designed to provide resources such as stationery and journals for people to grow and create invaluable connections through love and through the art of hand-written love letters.  

The idea came to Nicole, a former middle school English teacher, while on her winter break in December 2014 "it felt like a lightning bolt and a warm blanket at the same time" she says.  The company's first product was the Gypsy Journal-a continuous love letter that goes on and on from person to person to person. In the process of developing this idea Nicole started to to do a Stop Drop and Love Letter as a challenge for herself.  "The perfect serendipitous moment is when someone finds a love letter meant for anyone, but somehow also only meant for them" says Nicole of her 30 day love letter challenge. Every day for those 30 days she began posting her love letter drops on the Love Letter Library instagram account. "People started paying attention. It was easy! They got it really quickly and they could participate effortlessly." says Ahr.  "I think the Gypsy Journal is a little bit more personal and requires a little bit more heart work.  Not everybody is in a place to do that. The Stop Drop and Love Letter is the perfect place to start.  Once people start doing Stop Drop and Love Letter they start falling in love with the other things and ideas" she continues.

The most unique location a Stop Drop and Love Letter was placed: 

There have been pretty amazing locations where love letters have been dropped: at trail-heads, art museums, in library books, restaurants, dressing rooms, the list goes on. However, I think my favorite has to be from one of our youngest love letter droppers, Lana. While she and her family were visiting New York this past year, she decided that she wanted to leave her love letter at Ground Zero. An employee of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum  took note of what Lana was doing and asked if she could include it along with the other artifacts in the memorial itself. It is so moving that this love letter, dropped by a child, is now a part of something so precious.

What else can one find at the Love Letter Library?

In addition to the Stop Drop and Love Letter Stationery there are many other products on our website that have been designed with the intention to grow love like our mugs and bags to stationery and journals. You can also become a member of the The Love Club which is an extension to the Stop Drop and Love Letter Stationery. Every month you will receive a bundle sent right to your doorstep. It includes a set of our Stop Drop and Love Letter Stationery, Deck of Cards of Love, love themed pencils, as well as 3 specialty gifts.

I wrote 30 Stop Drop and Love Letters in 30 days and shared it on social media. My heart has never felt more alive and more open
— Nicole Ahr creator of The Love Letter Library

Advice on writing a love letter

  1. If you don’t know where to start begin with a quote. A quote that stays on your heart and let it flow afterward.  Maybe write what the quote means to you.

  2. Ask yourself what does your heart need to hear?' Write that down and let it go.  It’s freeing.

I am...

I am constantly thinking of ideas.  Sometimes they come in the middle of the night and I have to get up and work. I keep a good consistent stream of an ideas journal.  Sometimes I’m like 'what was I thinking' and other times I think 'Man, that’s going to happen.'

Coming soon to the Love Letter Library

"Stop Drop and Read":  People can drop books in random places. There will be a free download bookmark on the website designed to be placed inside a book that will read "If you find this book it belongs to you." In addition there will be a bookmark for purchase that is similar to the Stop Drop and Love Letter cards but created specifically to be placed inside a book. This bookmark will have a quote on the front and room on the back to write something down. "I actually did something similar to this with my students.  I love leaving letters in books" says Ahr.

We will also begin a book of the month and a children’s book of the month. So, stay tuned!

Words from the wise: 

Break the rules! You can do anything!  Anything! The internet is such an amazing place to connect people. Allow your dreams to be as unrealistic as you want. They can still be happen and it can still be magic in your life.  Breaking the rules has been my favorite piece of this journey. 

The Love Letter Library's Stop Drop and Love Letter Stationery

The Love Letter Library's Stop Drop and Love Letter Stationery

Fun Facts about Nicole: 

The greatest day of the week for me is: Sunday - coffee in bed, brunch, the New York Times crossword puzzle, time to just relax and be with the people you love! So many wonderful things about Sunday.

My favorite quote is  “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Nietzsche

My heart’s most content when - I feel like what I am doing has meaning and purpose in my life and in the lives of those I am around.

A book I recommend is.... It has been quite a while since I have read a book that was not about business. The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. Danielle LaPorte is business meets spirit and I could not be more grateful for everything that she shares with the world.

Thank you Nicole for adding so much love and light into the world. You are making a difference!  Visit the Love Letter Library and get 10% off your purchase with promo code "MYHEART10".  

Until next time friends keep spreading love, giving love and being love.